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I'm Dr. William T. O'Connor M.D.


How To Make Your Bad Back Better in 3 simple steps

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Understand why The O’Connor TechniqueTM can benefit the overwhelming majority of people with spinal pain

Diagnose the cause of your pain

FREE instructional video to convince yourself when you are in pain that it originates in the disc and can be relieved by The O’Connor TechniqueTM

Make Your Bad Back Better

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Step 1.

Making your bad back better with the O’Connor Technique

Watch the introductory videos to see what it’s all about

Step 2.


Watch the free Diagnostic Circumduction videos to get a better understanding of your own spinal pain

Self-Diagnosing the cause of spinal pain

The overwhelming majority of spinal pain is caused by physical derangement’s of the intervertebral disc. It’s a bio-mechanical problem with a bio-mechanical solution. The Diagnostic Circumduction technique developed by Dr. William T. O’Connor M.D. will help you convince yourself mechanically that the source of your pain originates in the disc.

I can teach you

  • Understand the mechanics of your disc
  • Capitalize on that understanding
  • Self manipulate your own spine

Step 3.

The O’Connor TechniqueTM

The amazing self manipulation technique developed over 26 years by Dr. William T. O’Connor M.D.

The O’Connor TechniqueTM is a simple self-directed physical therapy methodology through the aid of a well-illustrated book and instructional videos. In a do-it-yourself manner, like thousands of others, you should be able to immediately relieve most pain episodes, reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of painful events as well as prevent future disability
  • Take your self instantly out of pain
  • Teaches you the bio-mechanics of your spine
  • Gives an understanding of the forces that cause damage and dislocations
  • Eliminates the need for expensive devices, practitioners or drugs
  • Doesn’t require exhaustive exercises
  • Reduces fear of pain, paralysis and disability
  • Restores your normal range of spinal motion
  • Substantially reduces the probability of surgery


Value Speaks for its self

Making Your Bad Back Better
with The O’Connor TechniqueTM Book

Purchase a subscription today to download a copy of Dr. William T. O’Connor’s book, Making Your Bad Back Better with The O’Connor TechniqueTM for yours to use for 30 days. It can be used as reference material in conjunction with the instructional videos.

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Pain Origins & Misdiagnosis

Over 90% of spinal pain originates in biomechanical problems of the intervertebral disc

Click to see list of conditions managed by The O'Connor Technique™
Mechanical Back Pain
Acute Back Pain
Chronic Back Pain
Functional Backache
Spinal Soft Tissue Injury
Connective Tissue Injury
Low Back Sprain
Back Strain
Lumbar Strain
Lumbar Sprain
Ligamentous Strain
Ligamentous Sprain
Lumbar Ligament Strain
Lumbar Ligament Sprain
Lumbar Disc Degeneration
Low Backache
Chronic Backache
Acute Backache
Spinal Disease
Disc Disease
Intervertebral Disc Disease
Slipped Disc
Spinal Disc Disease
Herniated Disc
Herniated Intervertebral Disc
Spinal Disc Protrusion
Degenerative Disc Disease
Pinched Disk or Pinched Disc
Acute Neck Pain, Chronic Neck Pain
Cervical Disc Herniation
Cervical Disk Protrusion
Cervical Ligament Sprain
Cervical Ligament Strain

Other practitioners’ may misdiagnose disc related diseases

Click to see list of other conditions managed by The O'Connor Technique™
Spinal Arthritis
Spinal Facet Joint Disease
Spinal Misalignment
Spinal Malalignment
Spinal Subluxation
Facet Syndrome
Facet Arthritis
Degenerative Facet Disease
Spinal Osteoarthritis
Muscle Sprain
Muscle Strain
Pulled Muscles
Muscle Spasms of the Back Muscles
Pinched Nerve
Nerve Root Syndrome
Shoulder Pain
Wry Neck Syndrome
  • These are all Mechanical Problems, with Mechanical Solutions
  • The O’Connor TechniqueTM teaches you those solutions

I can teach you

  • How to prove to yourself that your condition is disc related
  • How to use a self-administered physical therapy method to immediately relieve pain
  • How to prevent recurrences of pain
  • How to restore your spinal range of motion
  • How to remodel the spine over time to a non-painful configuration

Video Testimonials

See for yourself the results of the O’Connor Technique

Hear the stories from people that have been relieved of their back pain.

Written Testimonials

  • Got your book last p.m. tried figure 12 on pg. 239. It popped finally.Why don't they know about this in Omaha, Nebraska? I've had therapy, 2epidurals, anMRI, DRX9000, demeral, skelaxin, mobic, vicodin, ibuprophen, prevacid, and nexium. Dr.Franklin said he hadn't heard of your book. I can sit,stand,and bend and straighten back up now. Hope this lasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roberta H
    Roberta H
  • I just want everyone to know how much your technic has helped me.Tho the pain returns now and then I now have your book to guide me to relief. Thank you Dr. for writting the book. I have a clear understanding of how the back works and what to do if its starts hurting. I'm now sharing with others all that I have learned, and I tell them of the book . I just finished talking to a lady who called and was in pain. I shared with her how to lay in the bed and put her back in traction. She obtained relief right away! She is going to order your book to get the big picture. Again thanks for your help. I believe I can live with my back now too.

    Henry C.
    Henry C.
  • Two years ago, I had back pain and considered going to a chiropractor; instead, I used Dr. O'Connor's technique. There is no doubt in my mind that it worked because the pain went away instantly. Since then, every time I get pain , I just do a "maneuver," I hear the "pop" of my back going "in," and the pain stops.

    Suzanne G.
    Suzanne G.
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