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Dr. William T. O'Connor M.D.


The O’Connor Technique™

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Understand why The O’Connor TechniqueTM can benefit the overwhelming majority of people with spinal pain.

Diagnose the cause of your pain

FREE instructional video to convince yourself your pain originates in the disc and can be relieved by The O’Connor TechniqueTM.

Make Your Bad Back Better

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Step 1.


Watch the introductory videos to see what it’s all about

The O’Connor Technique™ teaches you how to manipulate your own spine through a series of specific, non-exhaustive movements and exercises to immediately relieve most of your back pain. Through the aid of a well-illustrated book and instructional videos you can learn how to understand the mechanics of your disc and how to get the relief that you have been looking for.

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Watch the free Diagnostic Circumduction videos to get a better understanding of your own spinal pain

Self-Diagnosing the cause of spinal pain

The overwhelming majority of spinal pain is caused by physical derangement’s of the intervertebral disc. It’s a bio-mechanical problem with a bio-mechanical solution. The Diagnostic Circumduction technique developed by Dr. William T. O’Connor M.D. will help you convince yourself mechanically that the source of your pain originates in the disc.

Step 3.


The amazing self manipulation technique developed over 26 years by Dr. William T. O’Connor M.D.

The O’Connor TechniqueTM is a simple self-directed physical therapy methodology through the aid of a well-illustrated book and instructional videos. In a do-it-yourself manner, like thousands of others, you should be able to immediately relieve most pain episodes, reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of painful events as well as prevent future disability.

I can teach you

  • Take your self instantly out of pain.
  • The bio-mechanics of your spine.
  • An understanding of the forces that cause damage and dislocations.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive devices, practitioners or drugs.
  • Doesn’t require exhaustive exercises.
  • Reduces fear of pain, paralysis and disability.
  • Restores your normal range of spinal motion.
  • Substantially reduces the probability of surgery.

Pain Origins & Misdiagnosis

Over 90% of spinal pain originates in biomechanical problems of the intervertebral disc

Click to see list of conditions managed by The O'Connor Technique™
Mechanical Back Pain
Acute Back Pain
Chronic Back Pain
Functional Backache
Spinal Soft Tissue Injury
Connective Tissue Injury
Low Back Sprain
Back Strain
Lumbar Strain
Lumbar Sprain
Ligamentous Strain
Ligamentous Sprain
Lumbar Ligament Strain
Lumbar Ligament Sprain
Lumbar Disc Degeneration
Low Backache
Chronic Backache
Acute Backache
Spinal Disease
Disc Disease
Intervertebral Disc Disease
Slipped Disc
Spinal Disc Disease
Herniated Disc
Herniated Intervertebral Disc
Spinal Disc Protrusion
Degenerative Disc Disease
Pinched Disk or Pinched Disc
Acute Neck Pain, Chronic Neck Pain
Cervical Disc Herniation
Cervical Disk Protrusion
Cervical Ligament Sprain
Cervical Ligament Strain

Other practitioners’ may misdiagnose disc related diseases

Click to see list of other conditions managed by The O'Connor Technique™
Spinal Arthritis
Spinal Facet Joint Disease
Spinal Misalignment
Spinal Malalignment
Spinal Subluxation
Facet Syndrome
Facet Arthritis
Degenerative Facet Disease
Spinal Osteoarthritis
Muscle Sprain
Muscle Strain
Pulled Muscles
Muscle Spasms of the Back Muscles
Pinched Nerve
Nerve Root Syndrome
Shoulder Pain
Wry Neck Syndrome
These are all Mechanical Problems, with Mechanical Solutions.
The O’Connor TechniqueTM teaches you those solutions.

Value Speaks for its self

Making Your Bad Back Better
with The O’Connor TechniqueTM Book

Purchase a subscription today to download a copy of Dr. William T. O’Connor’s book, Making Your Bad Back Better with The O’Connor TechniqueTM for yours to use for 30 days. It can be used as reference material in conjunction with the instructional videos.

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For a limited time, you can purchase a subscription to gain access to all of this information for just $30! per month. Cancel any-time, no hassle.

Video Testimonials

See for yourself the results of the O’Connor Technique

Hear the stories from people that have been relieved of their back pain.

“I would recommended it to everyone; especially athletes looking to avoid surgery, or have a turn around where a normal low back or mid back injury might take 2 – 3 weeks. With The O’Connor Technique your pain goes instantly. Dr. O’Connor taught me how to do it on own so that I can take myself out of pain wherever I am.”

Matt Ceriani

Written Testimonials

  • My wife and I received your book, “Making Your Bad Back Better” a few days ago and we wanted to tell you that both of our back problems are gone since we applied your maneuvers. My wife had been to her chiropractor for spine adjustments with no real improvement but was feeling great after completing one maneuver from your book. I have a chronic problem with my middle-upper back and am very pleased that I can now quickly and easily adjust my spine so that it is in proper alignment and I feel great. Thanks for the valuable information!

    Steve & Margarita S
    Steve & Margarita S
  • I must tell you that this material is the very best I have ever read concerning techniques for aiding back pain sufferers, really good stuff. My wife has several prolapsed discs and has already terrific pain relief with your information. I am a retired anesthesiologist here in Sarasota, my wife has had MRIs, cat scans etc. showing her pathology but what amazes me is the indifference to her pain shown by both general orthopedists and those trained in spinal techniques. Also the physical therapists did more to hurt her than to help her and if the surgeons don't offer a surgical solution they offer nothing else, except epidural steroids, which sometimes help and pain meds. I am sure many people are out there just living with this severe pain despite the magnitude of the defect. Your book is terrific and beautifully written.

    Dave M. M.D
    Dave M. M.D
  • Your book has made a huge difference in my back pain. I am making great strides in taking care of my pain. The biggest help I get from your book is that your explanations and drawings have enabled me to understand what is wrong in my back. I feel that I am able to deal with it. This is the first hope I have had for the two years of pain I've suffered. I thank God I found your site and ordered your book. It is well worth the money.

    Barbara B.
    Barbara B.
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